3 Easy Steps to Open, Honest, & Effective Communication

3 Easy Steps to Open, Honest, & Effective Communication

Limitless Possibilities: A Journey to Open, Honest & Effective Communications

When working well, we don’t give communication much thought.  Yet when our relationships start to deteriorate we are all about “fixing” the way we communicate.  Usually this need presents as mild to moderate frustration and increases from here.  It helps to explain that feeling heard and listened to is one of the top 6 things that people identify “feels like love” to them. We’ve all experienced times in our lives when we haven’t felt heard or listened to – maybe you still are. Without open, honest and effective communication with the primary people in our lives things deteriorate, and this starts a multitude of other symptoms – suspicion, bitterness & anger, betrayal, dishonesty, apathy, blame, excuses and so on. In fact, if someone is raising their voice, or if you are raising your voice, you can be sure that one of the issues that is driving this behavior is a thirst to feel heard, listened to and validated.

My desire was to help people eliminate or drastically decrease this dynamic. When we start to experience how it feels and what manifests when we walk away from a problem having resolved it with equanimity and all parties express happiness, appreciation, insight and confidence the results are amazing and fun. The whole world seems lighter and more filled with joy.


Start your journey to open, honest, and effective communication with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Expanding beyond the issues and conflicts into co-creative and cooperative interactions. This takes internal work and a change in how you communicate. We, as individuals, have to be willing to dig deeper into our own issues by facing them, accepting them and changing them.  Then, when in conflict or when problem solving, put your own issues aside and speak with the intention and purpose to not hurt or cause any more pain. Sounds simple, yet it takes great strength, maturity and love to do so.
  1. Express the core essence of self without fear of rejection. When we tap into that core essence of self we know we are there because the love is so profound we would never consider rejection as an option from this place. The trick is to stay in this place while in conflict, in problem solving mode, or any time for that matter. What determines our ability to stay in this place? Many things: experience, environment, willingness, the level of risk being asked of us and our perceptions of safety and trust and our level of healing just to name a few.  So we are often in a dance between our essence self and our 3D self, and sometimes we totally lose track of our essence self (if indeed we ever recall experiencing it) and are convinced that all that is available to us is our 3D self. Either way, we are looking at internal work. Getting that blessed shovel of ours and digging into our own consciousness and brining the unconsciousness to the surface for healing, understanding and love.
  1. Enjoy the limitless possibilities in the spirit of cooperation and celebration.  When we free ourselves from the fear of rejection, we open our lives up for Limitless Possibilities to unfold. We allow others to be who they are, and we see them as loveable, therefore we are able to see ourselves as loveable and divine. The dynamics of 2 or more people enjoying one another from this place are astounding and beautiful. Conflict melts away and joy rushes in. What more could anyone ask for?
"How-not-to communicate"

You might be doing it wrong.

Experiment: Next time you are in conflict with another – no matter how minor the conflict may appear – take a step back and ask yourself…

  • Can I let this go?
  • Can I let the other have their way?
  • Can I surrender the victory?
  • Can I allow myself to not be right (no matter the evidence showing that you are)?
  • Can you possibly be seeing this from a wounded perspective – a place that is clouded by your own desires, addictions and views?
  • Can I allow myself to see fully the other’s perspective on this?
  • Can I listen for creative ways to solve the problem so that all are happy?
  • Can I get excited about the problem and see it as an opportunity for healing, understanding and resolution?


If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, congratulations, you are on your way to experiencing Limitless Possibilities. If the answer is ‘no’, accept this and see it as an opportunity to dig a little deeper into your own psyche and discover what it is about you that could use some healing, love and attention.

Do not reject yourself – you are where you are and it is a perfect place to start. Everything in the Universe is your own personally designed perspective seen through your eyes. That’s great news, because if it is yours then you have the free will, power and control to change it if it isn’t working for you.

So Expand, Express & Enjoy all that a life experienced with Limitless Possibilities can offer you.


In Joy,