About Tracy

About Tracy

Tracy Becker
Certified & Licensed Counselor
Transformational Coach


Hello, my name is Tracy Becker. I am a transformational coach and counselor. I feel grateful and privileged to be one of the few who thoroughly love their livelihood. Now, my path to my present situation was not paved with gold. On the contrary, thru many twist-and-turns, stops-and-starts, and pain and suffering I uncovered me. I discovered my purpose and followed my bliss. This is to assist others to change their perceptions of themselves, their relationship with others and the world, and their relationship with the Creator – however that is represented and defined for each of you.

My path, that had its conscious start in 1988, has afforded the opportunity to experience spiritual transformation. I traveled the world to sit at the feet of spiritual leaders and teachers in various meditative, healing-traditions, and modalities. Through this process, I was able to heal myself and clear the way to healing others. With the addition of post-graduate degree in counseling and certifications, my capacity and impact has grown over the years. My vision, gift, and divine promise to the world are to bring this healing Source to humanity; this is included in any of my services to you!


I want to positively impact the lives of over 10-million people. Spread joy and love. Teach mindfulness and insight techniques to increase self-awareness and self-actualization. Speak to the masses. Demonstrate the power of compassion as an instrument of healing, both for you and others. . In my practice, my vision is to create a legacy – a place of healing, retreat, illumination, learning, introspection, fulfillment and awareness.

I seek to open the eyes of others daily to their divine truth, even if it is only a wee-little bit! I want to create a community of like-minded individuals. To build my spiritual family to impact the world in ways in which spirit/soul/I AM presence is always leading. I want others to wake up happy each day excited about their life, where they are going and what they are doing; and in the event they are not, I want them to have everything they need to get “righted” again – true and good self-empowerment, self-awareness and self-actualization.

Education and Credentials

· Masters in Counseling from Oregon State University (2002)
· Licensed counselor in the state of NC (2002)
· Nationally certified as counselor and coach. (2001)
· Certified in Distance Counseling (2008)
· Creator of products sold in over 30 countries through iTunes and Omvana (2013)

Ranked as one of the top meditation instructor in the world (2013)

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