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When’s the last time you made a BOLD move?

Boldness, having courage, not letting fear get in your way, going beyond your perceived limits – we love to watch other do this, don’t we? It’s easy to find people that are being bold in the world, but what about you? Are you living your boldest life, your most courageous life? Are you living your big life? Well, let’s talk ... Read More »

Breathe in, Breath out and again, please…

Our breath is one of our most valued tools, it’s with us all the time, we have control over it all the time and we can choose to use it to our benefit, if we want. In several ancient languages the word breath is synonymous with the word spirit – thus defining our pathway to God. Hmmm, if this is ... Read More »

Have you given birth lately, not to a baby, but a grand idea?

There is a process and a natural evolution to birthing a baby as well as giving birth to a new idea or concept. Yet when we are birthing a baby we have little choice in whether to hurry the process up; however in birthing ideas and concepts we can tend to rush things. We may not take proper care in ... Read More »

What the heck is a Brain Bath?

You shower your body, clean your home, your car, wash your clothes, right? But when’s the last time you actually bathed your brain, cleansed it from negativity, detoxified it and really let it slow down to a nice harmonious hum? Isn’t it about time? Check out this video to see how and why taking regular Brain Baths are so very ... Read More »

What are you bringing to the table?

Bring, huh? What are you Bringing to the table? Who are you showing up as? Are happy or satisfied with what you show up with everyday, how you contribute, how others and the world benefits from you? Bring your listening ears and lets discover more about this together. RSS Read More »


Is your behavior helping you get where you want to go? Listen to this video and gain a great technique to get you on the right path. RSS Read More »

How are you Being?

Being is the quality or state of having existence. What a great concept to contemplate, right? It is so juicy, your own personal existence and how you relate to it…yummy! Listen up for more deliciousness on Being. RSS Read More »


I’m bored! Have you ever said this, heard it being said, or thought this? If so, listen up to what I have to say about boredom. This is coming from someone who use to say this a lot. Seriously! RSS Read More »


Biology, can you change it? Do you ultimately have control over it, or are we all doomed to our genetics? How would your thinking and behavior change if you knew you had complete control over your biology? RSS Read More »


We all have them, but how do we know if they are working to our benefit or not? Listen up and I will give you some ways that will help you determine whether or not your beliefs are true, useful and helping you get more of what you want. RSS Read More »


I’m talk’n about your lack of self-awareness, yep, you With all the multiple stimuli in our busy, crazy, techie world who has time for focusing within? You do! Especially if you are committed to inner peace, having a calm mind and being able to control your thoughts, emotions and your life in a way that feels good. Listen up and ... Read More »