Couples Immersion Therapy

Couples Immersion Therapy

When I transitioned from doing face to face counseling in my office to International Transformational Coaching I wanted to develop a way to continue to work with couples and families. It is because of this that I developed the Full Day Couples Immersion Therapy.

Talk about an intensive life changing day! This is one that will go down into the books as a day to remember ALWAYS.

This is absolutely for couples that are craving more, or feel like they haven’t lived their best life together, yet. Maybe it is more intimacy, more intention, more purpose, more impact and/or greater communications in their lives.

I do require that you still really like each other, you’ve had some success overcoming obstacles and you are both equally committed to empowering each other and ramping up the value and meaning of your relationship. This isn’t for couples that are having significant issues.

I currently do this in a quaint B & B in my neighborhood. I set you up in their lovely carriage house that has everything you will need; make sure  your meals are taken care of and that you can even have a couples massage after our empowering day together if you desire.

There is also an option for 6 follow-up sessions to make sure you stay on track and keep the momentum of our day together going.

If this peeks your interest or you have any questions, let’s chat.

In Joy,


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