Group Coaching

Group coaching is great, because you receive so much feedback and support plus you create lasting positive relationship with one another. It is only offered to those who have previously worked with me in some capacity. I do that so that I will know a little about you, your struggles and your desires and can put you in the group that is best suited for you.

Some areas I focus on are:

  • Inspiration
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Life lessons
  • Managing your mind & emotions
  • Self exploration
  • Self care
  • Coping skills
  • Divine purpose
  • Quantum physics

Group Coaching can help you:

  • Learn new communication skills
  • Develop stress and time management skills
  • Create accountability and implementation of goals
  • Receive feedback from various perspectives on issues, concerns, or ideas
  • Expand your resources and networking capacity
  • Stay focused on goals
  • Celebrate success

There is a year-long commitment to the group so that everyone will experience safety, trust and vulnerability which helps you all to grow, change and transform in positive ways together at a more rapid pace.

If you have worked with me before at any capacity and are interested in staying focused on your goals and being supported while doing so, contact me and let’s get you started. You will not regret this investment in yourself.

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