I Choose This (Part 1)

I Choose This (Part 1)

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”

Eckhart Tolle

Wow, what if everyone just adopted this philosophy and put it into action right now? What amazing changes we would see- instantly.


So, I decided to practice it for a day – and this was no ordinary day. My husband and I were together on a journey and things did not go as we initially planned. We ended up in the car much longer than we expected which entailed lots of traffic due to construction, holiday travels and multiple car accidents. We both tried this out and just started saying aloud to one another,

“This is the exact way I planned today.”

“I chose this perfectly.”

We came up with a few other versions of this statement. Immediately, every time we said it a smile came on our faces and we started thinking about how fun the day was regardless of the mishap that had caused us to be in the car so long. We talked about how much we enjoy being together; how we had some great music to listen to; how it was so divine that we had the time to just be in traffic without being an inconvenience to anyone else; that it was great we saw the accidents and were able to make some detours just in time to miss the pileup; how grateful we were to not be the cause of an accident; and so on.



Throughout our experiment with this our smiles just kept spreading on our faces and in our hearts. What could have been a day filled with anger, frustration and blame ended up to be a lovely and enjoyable day, because we decided to choose it just as it was.