I Choose This (Part 2)
Tracy Becker had a dream.

I Choose This (Part 2)

I Choose This

The night after I wrote the previous blog, I Choose This, I had a dream.

Tracy Becker I Choose This Part 1

In this dream I was in a small remote Appalachian community. This community had had no access to education or modern conveniences. I felt very lost and alone, like I had been dropped there with no way out. A friend that I haven’t talked to you in a long while suddenly showed up, like an apparition.

She was communicating with me by using food as symbols. The sentence she creatively put forth said, “You better not run, you need to stay.”

She had sensed my displeasure and discomfort at being here and my desire to flee. Then I heard myself surrender and say, “I chose this”. Instantly I grew excited about the potential of being in this community and helping them to learn to read and write. Then suddenly I began to come out of the dream and before I opened my eyes I heard this:

“Let your hands be the love that holds your bowl full of dreams.”

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