Managing Your Mind

Managing Your Mind

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Charlotte View proudly presents our first episode in the “Transformation Series”: Managing Your Mind with Tracy Becker. Tracy has over 25 years of studying, counseling, coaching, teaching, writing and developing programs. Over this time she has assisted thousands of people, couples and families. She has a Master’s of Science in Counseling and is licensed by the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. She is certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors and by the National Board for Distance Counseling.

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In this video you will discover:

  • Simple Meditation to help you with: Thinking, planning, disputing, dreaming, replaying, rehearsing…
  • 2 minutes technique to manage and take control of our thoughts (each day we experience 65,000 to 80,000 thoughts attempting to get our attention)
  • How to stay present in each moment.
  • How to discriminate between supportive, liberating and creative thoughts from those that are limiting, false and obstructing.

Find a quiet place, and settle in for an amazing call. Thank you for joining us on this Transformation Journey!

Charlotte View & Tracy Becker