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Source Energy

Source Energy Vortex

Source Energy Vortex Tracy Becker January 2014   Source Energy, God, Field of Potential We are all Source Energy and we can define this in many ways. Some might say God, the Field of Potential, the Morphogenetic Field, and so on. Yet the words are not what is important. What is important is that we realize we are this, Source ... Read More »

10 Steps to Restoring Relationships

How do we restore relationships when they find themselves in trouble? First I’d like to talk about some of the causes of relationship trouble. I believe this can be most simplified in two categories: A. Lack of Relationship Integrity Lack of relationship integrity is much like lack of personal integrity where we allow ourselves and our partner to let betrayal, ... Read More »

3 Easy Steps to Open, Honest, & Effective Communication

Limitless Possibilities: A Journey to Open, Honest & Effective Communications When working well, we don’t give communication much thought.  Yet when our relationships start to deteriorate we are all about “fixing” the way we communicate.  Usually this need presents as mild to moderate frustration and increases from here.  It helps to explain that feeling heard and listened to is one ... Read More »

Curiosity & Wonder

“Hmmm, I wonder how I can convey the awesome power of wonder & curiosity to my readers.” Think about something or someone in your life right now that you desire to “fix” or “figure out.” Now…close your eyes allowing this thought to permeate throughout your body and mind.   How do you desire to fix it or what is it that you need to ... Read More »


Breathe When I discuss “Breathe” in my office with people, they accommodate my rant. For the most part they go along with the practice I suggest, and they do feel better –in minutes. But do you think for a second that they actually practice breathing when they go home? Some of them say that they do, and I smile and nod my head, ... Read More »

Managing The Mind

Managing the Mind Wow, this one can be tough. We have between 65, 000 and 80,000 thoughts each day attempting to get our attention and here I am, and many other leaders and teachers are asking you to stay present in each moment by managing your mind. Yet this is such a fantastic practice in self-awareness, peace, joy, ease, love, ... Read More »

I Choose This (Part 2)

i choose this part 2

I Choose This The night after I wrote the previous blog, I Choose This, I had a dream. In this dream I was in a small remote Appalachian community. This community had had no access to education or modern conveniences. I felt very lost and alone, like I had been dropped there with no way out. A friend that I ... Read More »

I Choose This (Part 1)

Tracy Becker I Choose This Part 1

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” –Eckhart Tolle Wow, what if everyone just adopted this philosophy and put it into action right now? What amazing changes we would see- instantly. So, I decided to practice it for a day – and this was no ordinary day. My husband and I were together on ... Read More »

The Accretion of Light

Accretion means a growth or increase in size by gradual external addition, fusion, or inclusion. When I talk of the accretion of light I am referring to the subtle changes that we are all going through here on planet Earth. Since the end of December 2012, the Earth and all beings on it have been given an opportunity to accrete ... Read More »

Lost That Spark? Here’s How to Rekindle the Love in Your Relationship (Featured)

(Posted by FinerMinds, April 2013) Relationships naturally go through ups and downs as the desire for closeness and autonomy changes. Yet without attention and awareness, some of these natural phases can snowball creating a decline in the overall health of the relationship fairly rapidly. If you ever find yourself in a relationship discord, here are my top 10 ways to restore ... Read More »

Keep Your Focus

Manifesting   How do we manifest our reality? As Mike Dooley, from Notes From The Universe, so simply puts it, “Thoughts become things, so choose them wisely.” I often teach that everything is manifested twice: first in thought and then in form. Nevertheless, manifesting is a very exciting topic because once we get it – the power of our thoughts ... Read More »

The Journey of Evolution

“Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” —Eckhart Tolle If we all remembered this in each and every moment of our existence I would be out of work very fast, yet I would be joyful. For living in this concept we all must truly be in acceptance, knowing, love and joy, ... Read More »