Peaceful Awakenings

You’ve Got This

by Tracy Becker

Amanda asks: In a small town it seems that it can be hard to get away from the gossip. What would you suggest?

Gossip can be so painful and, if we are participating in it, we are teaching our children that its okay to talk negatively, or to verbalize judgements and criticisms about others. In addition, gossiping is like drinking poison. It’s more toxic to the one doing it, than the person they are doing it toward. At the end of the day gossip breeds more gossip, and creates a momentum of negativity that is often hard to break.

One of the best things you can do is to not participate in it. Stick by the saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

If you can’t avoid the gossipers it is absolutely okay to tell them that you are uncomfortable with gossip and ask them not to do it when you’re around. You can tell them that you’ve realized how painful gossiping can be and you’ve decided to not participate in any longer.

If you find the gossip on Social Media, you’ll want to clean up your account by blocking, deleting, or unfriending anyone who posts comments of this nature. Now, in doing this, you might face some backlash yourself. Because gossipers are always looking for someone to talk about. You’ll have to have the strength to overcome this, knowing you are doing the right thing. You will likely benefit from collaborating with a friend, or family member who will join you in this personal crusade. This will provide you with support in your decision. Just make sure you don’t talk negatively about the gossipers, thus doing the same, only in private.

Lastly, make it a family rule, everyone will be happier.