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Peaceful Awakenings 2020 Masterclass – Series one – Transcending the Emotional Body

February 9, 16, 23, and March 1 and 8

Live at 10 am EDT – Replay available for all who preregister for 144 hours or 6 days

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Series one covers:

  • Identify the emotional body which uses 80% of your life force energy.
  • Understand the importance of transcending and overcoming the emotions that have control over you.
  • Helping you apply the key steps in making it so from equanimity, to willingness, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, and love.
  • Stepping fully, through trust and self-realization, the process of allowing your I Am Presence to take over full dominion and power of your 4 human bodies.

Webinar Speakers

Who is Tracy Becker?

Tracy Becker has been a licensed therapist for 20 years, a life coach for 25 plus and a small business coach for 15 years. Energy medicine healer for 12 and author since 2000.

She has devoted her personal life to spiritual teachings, practices, and full immersion and commitment to transcendence and liberation. She has studied not only traditionally in University, but globally with many leaders in spiritual awakening and evolution. She has been channeling Summoning Samuel since the late ‘80s.

Who is Summoning Samuel?

The Divine messages Tracy is channeling are from an infinite intelligence that is called Summoning Samuel, meaning “name of God” or” God heard” in Hebrew. Tracy has learned, over the last 30 years or more, to rely on these messages to shine light, love, and guidance to others.

These inspirational messages are being received through Tracy for the enlightenment of all who are blessed to hear them, be enriched through awakening from them and forever empower.

What’s to Come

  • May 3rd through June 14th (closed May 24th for Memorial Day) ~ Transcending the Physical Body
  • August 2nd through September 13th (closed September 6th for Labor Day) Transcending the Mental Body
  • November 1st through December 6th ~ Transcending the Etheric Body

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