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Hi, I’m Tracy

Being your Transformational Coach is the result of over 25 years of studying, counseling, coaching, teaching, writing and developing programs. Over this time I have assisted thousands of people, couples and families.

It is my intention and mission to provide excellent service and quality products that assist you and others in transforming your lives into the greatest and grandest version of yourselves you could ever imagine and beyond. By acting as your Transformational Coach I hope to positively impact your life helping you to create, establish and celebrate the glory of you.


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“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be?” – Patanjali


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Tracy Becker is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 25 years of experience.

1 on 1 Coaching

One on one coaching is just that. You and I working together transforming you so that you are where you want to be in life, love and livelihood experiencing your greatest and grandest version of you and more.

One on one coaching is the “rocket fuel” that super charges your transformational process due to the intensity, quantity and focus of the time we have together.

Some areas I focus on are:

  • Inspiration
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Life lessons
  • Managing your mind & emotions
  • Self exploration
  • Self care
  • Coping skills
  • Divine purpose
  • Quantum physics

1 on 1 Coaching can help you:

  • Increase your performance & productivity
  • Create new positive behaviors
  • Increase creativity, learning, & knowledge
  • Bring forth commitment to personal and profesional development
  • Generate motivation and excitement
  • Identify solutions to work-related issues
  • Improve relationships between individuals and groups
  • Greater ownership and responsibility in one’s own life

The Coaching Packages are structured so that you can purchase a month of services at a time, or in increments of three, six and twelve months each one with a little more cost savings than the next.

I also have made them more time effective in that you purchase my time in minutes (240 minutes per month) so that you can use me for sessions as short as 10 minutes and as long at 90 minutes depending on your needs at any given time.

One on one coaching is all about change, forward movement, growth and celebration. If you’re ready to catapult yourself forward in life in a big way, come join me in this endeavor. We’ll work hard and have a lot of fun, guaranteed!

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is great, because you receive so much feedback and support plus you create lasting positive relationship with one another. It is only offered to those who have previously worked with me in some capacity. I do that so that I will know a little about you, your struggles and your desires and can put you in the group that is best suited for you.

Some areas I focus on are:

  • Inspiration
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Life lessons
  • Managing your mind & emotions
  • Self exploration
  • Self care
  • Coping skills
  • Divine purpose
  • Quantum physics

Group Coaching can help you:

  • Learn new communication skills
  • Develop stress and time management skills
  • Create accountability and implementation of goals
  • Receive feedback from various perspectives on issues, concerns, or ideas
  • Expand your resources and networking capacity
  • Stay focused on goals
  • Celebrate success

There is a year-long commitment to the group so that everyone will experience safety, trust and vulnerability which helps you all to grow, change and transform in positive ways together at a more rapid pace.

If you have worked with me before at any capacity and are interested in staying focused on your goals and being supported while doing so, contact me and let’s get you started. You will not regret this investment in yourself.

Please leave your name and email address to be notified of any give aways, promotions, courses or events. We promise to be respectful of your privacy.

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Educational Courses

Web Based Courses

Limitless Life, Love, Mind & Possibilities are my current web based courses. They are all dynamic, uplifting and eye opening in their own way. By participating in one of these you will be gifting yourself with an unforgettable and life changing experience.

The benefits taking Web Based Courses are:

  • Convenient
  • Self empowering
  • Customize time spent and the pace you move
  • Increase your knowledge and skills
  • Affordable
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • No travel expenses

Limitless Life – An individual journey to personal empowerment and freedom

This experiential course is for those who desire to connect with their greatest potential and take steps to transform your life to be in alignment with your divine plan and purpose.

Limitless Love – A couple’s journey into the heart

This experiential course is for those couples who desire to lift their relationship into the next level of commitment, communications, and celebration; and to learn how to express and experience the divinity in one another.

Limitless Mind – A spiritual journey into the emotional, mental, physical and etheric aspects of self

This experiential course is for those who desire to learn how to integrate, transform, transmute and release that which no longer serves your highest intentions and to synchronize all the wonderful and unique aspects of you.

Limitless Possibilities – An interpersonal journey to open, honest and cooperative relationships

This experiential course is for those who wish to expand beyond conflict, express your greatest truth and intentions and to learn how to and begin to experience cooperative and co-creative connections and communications.

Each introductory course is 6 weeks long with the option after completion to continue in an 8 week intensive.

Introductory courses will be available on my Facebook page.

I was a teacher before I became a counselor and coach and I still love to teach. By leaving me your name and email you will be notified of any community or web based courses I will be offering.
Please leave your name and email address to be notified of any give aways, promotions, courses or events. We promise to be respectful of your privacy.

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Home Study Course: Demystifying Meditation


Tracy has found a way to take the mystery out of meditation and has utilized her 25 years experience as a meditation teacher, coach and counselor to develop a Home Study Course so that you too can achieve mental and emotional freedom from using these 4 simple and effective practices.

In This 5 Module Course You Will Learn:

    1. Mantra Meditation – What Mantra Meditation is, the history and the benefits of it, how and when to use it effectively and how to find your own expression of Mantra Meditation.

    2. Mindfulness Meditation – What Mindfulness Meditation is, the benefits of it, how to structure it, what to expect, how to utilize it to its greatest capacity, plus a guided version of Mindfulness Meditation.

    3. How to Connect to Your Divinity – What Connecting to Your Divinity means, the benefits of it, how to use it effectively and to expand your life experience in positive ways because of it, plus a guided version of Connecting to Your Divinity.

    4. Manifestation Meditation – What Manifestation Meditation is, the benefits of it, how to use it daily to create the life that you want, plus a guided version of Manifestation meditation.

    5. Success Plan – a detailed instruction on how to create a success plan to best suit you and your life style. How and when to use each meditation, what to expect and how to change your life in positive and rewarding ways through using these 4 powerful yet simple techniques.

Yours for $97, a $297 value!

Tracy Becker Profile shot

Demystifying Meditation by Tracy Becker

omvana logoTracy’s meditations have consistently been in the top 5 meditations on Omvana – an Apple meditation app. 

 Four simple and effective meditation techniques to be used anywhere and anytime.
(Original Price $279)

Buy It Now


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